Publications and Publishing Opportunities

In addition to the New Passages travel review journal, the International Society for Travel Writing is pleased to announce opportunities for publishing and recent Society publications in the field of travel writing.

New Book Series

Routledge Research In Travel Writing

Series Editors: Peter Hulme (University of Essex) and Tim Youngs (Nottingham Trent University)

Routledge Research in Travel Writing (RRTW) is a new series designed to extend the rapidly developing field of travel writing studies. It publishes-in hardback-original monographs and occasional collections of previously unpublished essays. All regions, timeframes, and critical approaches are welcome. The first volumes appeared in autumn 2008.

Colleagues wishing to put forward a proposal should contact Erica Wetter at Routledge (, although they are welcome to make informal contact first with either of the series editors: Peter Hulme ( and Tim Youngs (

Ashgate Series in Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Studies:

This series offers a forum for the publication of scholarly work investigating the literary, historical, artistic, and philosophical foundations of transatlantic culture. A new and burgeoning field of interdisciplinary investigation, transatlantic scholarship contextualizes its objects of study in relation to exchanges, interactions, and negotiations that occurred between and among authors and other artists hailing from both sides of the Atlantic.

The editors invite English-language studies focusing on any area of the period ca. 1750-1900. Manuscripts focusing on European, Africa, American (U.S.), Canadian, Caribbean, Central and South American, and Native or Indigenous literature, culture, and art are welcome.

For further information, contact the series editors, Dr. Kevin Hutchings, Department of English, University of Northern British Columbia or Dr. Julia Wright, Department of English, Dalhousie University.

Humanities-Ebooks: ‘Literature in Transit’ Series:

Book proposals and manuscripts are sought for a new Humanities Ebook monograph series, ‘Literature in Transit’. This series draws together burgeoning scholarly interest in travel writing and in related literatures that thematize travel, engage with travel cultures, or situate themselves in terms of cross-cultural reading communities.

Books published will include theoretical, historical and genre studies of travel writing and travel fiction; critical studies of travel publishing and marketing, translation, and reception at home and abroad; critical studies of writers and artists in the context of Grand Tourism, popular culture, or other social and historical movements; critical studies of travel literatures and culture in relation to gender, sexuality, race, class, imperialism, exploration and discovery, residence abroad, emigration and immigration; and transnational cultural studies.

In addition, proposals for new editions of out of print or unpublished travel accounts are welcome. The series editor is especially interested in publishing high-quality titles from eighteenth- and nineteenth-century studies but will also consider work from other periods. Humanities-Ebooks offers advantageous terms for authors, including a profit-sharing scheme.

For further information and a full Prospective, EMAIL the series editor, Dr Benjamin Colbert (University of Wolverhampton, UK), or visit the website

Parlor Press:

Parlor Press announces a new series, "Writing Travel." Details are available on-line at We seek manuscripts related to the new field of travel studies. For more information, EMAIL the series editor, Professor Jeanne Moskal, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Proposals for books on any of the following are welcome: