ISTW Conferences

International Society for Travel Writing’s conferences feature networking events as well as scholarly and educational presentations relating to the history, culture, and techniques of travel writing.

Since 1997, ISTW has planned half a dozen conferences, and members of the Society are engaged in researching and writing on travel writing in all its historical, cultural, linguistic, and disciplinary articulations and intersections. Past conference presentations have included topics ranging from ancient and classical travel narratives to contemporary tourist accounts, and the Society embraces writings from outside the English-speaking tradition.

Travel writing is cross-disciplinary in its appeal, and members of all disciplines are welcome to attend the conference and join the Society. Disciplines currently represented include literary studies, history, sociology, anthropology, indigenous studies, political science, American studies, women's studies, a broad range of modern and classical languages and literary traditions, environmental studies, journalism, and media studies. Practicing travel writers are also represented and are invited to participate.

Upcoming Conferences

South Atlantic Modern Language Association Convention
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7th BIENNIAL ISTW CONFERENCE - March 30 - April 1, 2012
Georgetown University, Washington DC
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Previous Conferences

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2010 South Carolina
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2007: Madrid, Spain, 19-21 September, with the University of Madrid Compultense. Click HERE for more information.